Indoor Air Cooled L-Band 1.25-1.35GHz 34kW GaN Based Pulse HPA System


DVB-TECH GaN based S-Band Pulse Solid State Power Amplifier System is designed to be used in Airport Surveillance Radars (ATC) , Weather Radars, Surface Ship Radars and SATCOM applications. The highly efficient design is the ideal replacement for older Traveling Wave Tubes (TWT), Klystrons and Magnetrons amplifiers. It offers 34kW saturated power across a 1.25 to 1.35 GHz frequency band with maximum reliability and long service life.

The modular design includes tewenty (20) hot-swappable PA modules; the loss of one (1) PA module will result not less than 30 kW in the output power level reduction. Passive combining/switching is employed to avoid RF output power interruptions. A redundant AC/DC power supply system with hot-swappable units is also included.

The High-Power Amplifier (HPA) system features a number of monitoring and self-protection circuits including input overdrive, forward power, reflected power, high pulse width, high pulse repetition frequency (PRF) and over temperature. Additionally, the power amplifiers (PA) are equipped with an output power waveguide circulator.

The system controller provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring and controls the complete HPA system as well as the individual PA modules. A front panel display provides the user with local monitoring and control via a GUI (Graphic User Interface) based on 5” LCD touch-screen display, while Ethernet and RS485 interfaces provide the user with remote monitoring and control via WEB GUI and SNMP.

Model: HPA-1213-34KWP                 P/N: DVB-HPA-1213-34KW-P-I-A-G-A