Indoor S-Band 2.7-3.1 GHz 3 Channel Pulse Receiver Assembly


The SPRS-2731 is the 3 (three) channel S-Band Receiver Assembly with per channel redundancy for RADAR Systems operating in frequency range 2.7-3.1 GHz with conjunction of 25kW S-Band RADAR GaN Transmitter. Each RF channel has very low NF ~1.3dB and capable of measuring the RF power at input and output of receiver during the reception of RF pulse.

The Receiver Assembly includes the following main sub-assembly sections:
• Three independent S-band sub-assembly
• Transmission pass with 25kW circulator sub-assembly
• Receivers Control and Monitoring sub-assembly
• Power supply sub-assembly

Model: SPRS-2731                P/N: DVB-TECH-PRS-2700-3100-A



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