COVID19 – Update

DVB-TECH informs that the production activity is open, although at a reduced operation. In order to guarantee health and safety conditions, DVB-TECH has put in place actions such as disinfection of the facitilies, reduced personnel on distinct work shifts and physical protections for all operators. Offices activity will continue regularly, trough smart working, supporting all partners and customers.

As we are entering the next phase of the Covid-19 emergency, it is important to associate safety to the strong desire to restart.

It is essential to carefully balance the urge to return to normal activities with the need to guarantee the health and safety of our employees. Only by devising and implementing structured, streamlined, scalable and effective solutions and measures, there can be a gradual but decisive and safe ramp up of on-site activities.

DVB-TECH continues to develop solutions, tools and protocols specifically designed to achieve the safety standards necessary in the new post-pandemic daily life, ensuring a higher level of security for the well-being of our people.