New Indoor/Outdoor Ka-Band 32-36 GHz GaN 250W Pulse SSPA

DVB-TECH GaN based Ka-band Pulse Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) was designed to operate as the final amplification stage in a system. The highly  efficient design is the ideal replacement for TWT amplifiers used in electronic warfare (EW), RADAR and SATCOM applications. It offers up to 250W of saturated power across a 32 to 36 GHz frequency band with maximum reliability and long service life.

The pulse amplifier is a field replaceable system component, which includes an integrated AC/DC power supply. The amplifier is designed for indoor or outdoor installation as all of its components are enclosed in a corrosion resistant weatherproof enclosure. The amplifier includes variable speed fans which force ambient air across the amplifier heat sink. Fan speed increases/decreases as the amplifier temprature increases/decreases.

The pulse amplifier operates as a constant gain block; it can provide up to 54 dBm pulse RF output power with a minimum gain of 55dB. Under normal operating conditions, with an input power level of 0 dBm, the pulse output power level of the amplifier is approximately 54.0dBm.

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