Indoor S-Band 2.7-2.9GHz 22dBm Ultra Low Noise Amplifier


SLNA-2729 is an Ultra Low Noise Amplifier with a frequency range of 2700 to 2900MHz. The typical gain is 2odB with a flatness of ±1.0dB. The working temperature of this product is between – 10°C and + 65°C.

Gain 20dB Typical
Output Saturation Power 22dBm Typical
Supply Voltage +12VDC
50 Ohm Matched Input/Output
Low Noise Figure +0.5dB Typical
Gain Flatness +/-1dB

Model: SLNA-2729                P/N: DVB-TECH-SLNA-2700-2900-A

SLNA-2729 S-Band 2.7-2.9 LNA


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