WRD580 Arc Detector 5.8GHz to 16.0GHz power up to 15kW


5816-ARC-15 is a WRD580 ARC Detector operating from Freq. 5800 MHz to 16000 MHz with maximum power at 15 kW.

The 5816-ARC-15 has electromagnetic coupling greater than 110 dB, less than 0.05dB Insertion loss and a typical VSWR of 1.06:1, along with spectral responsivity between 320 to 1050 nm (visible light and near infrared spectrum).

Theis RF Detector operates in a temperature range from -40° to 85°C, with a footprint 73.2 x 60 x 69.2 mm.

Model: 5816-ARC-15           P/N: DVB-5816-ARC-15-A



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